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An Update from Davidson School Student President Debra Fricano

Posted by Ben R on February 6, 2014 at 12:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Debra Fricano updates students on Student Organization plans for the spring (Photo by Ben Rotenberg)

by Debra L Fricano 

Welcome back to another semester at JTS! 

The Davidson School Student Organization (DSSO) draws from Student Activities fees to generate social, educational, and spiritual programs for education students in the JTS community.  

As the elected President for 2013-2014, my approach for leading the DSSO is through a lens of community organizing: building relationships with students, facilitating collaboration, and empowering you—the students—to plan initiatives to meet your holistic needs as graduate students.  I also serve as a representative and advocate to administration of JTS about certain strategic planning issues.     

A group of our second year students had a lunch meeting on January 27th to reflect on Fall 2013, and to develop a vision for the Spring semester.  This what we talked about at that meeting: 

1)  Our Communication 

How do we contact students? Right now we have the following tools:

   • Divrei Ha Yamim list serve, managed by Sara Horowitz send information about community wide programs.

   • Jillian Halpern and Dean Ofra Backenroth send information connected to the academic program, and upcoming events planned by the Administration

   • The Davidson School seasonal newsletter markets The Davidson School program 

   • Visions and Voices/ Kesher Hadash Israel blogs 

   • Student driven blog coordinated by Ben Rotenberg. This is a forum for students to share their stories of their experience in The Davidson School program.

   • The Davidson School's current Facebook presence

2) Programming.
In our upcoming semester we are working to build new and exciting programs led by our students. Students will be taking leadership to create the following programs:

   • Bibliodrama training on a Friday in April with Yael Unterman 

   • LGBTQ training on a Friday in March with Keshet  

   • Superbowl viewing party

   • Conference bank/fair

   • Conference subsidy program

   • Mets game  

   • The Davidson School SWAG  

   • Regular contributions to the blog 

   • Seudah Shlishit to discuss how The Davidson School presents itself as a pluralistic school to the larger Jewish community.

   • Red Bulls game

   • movie night and talk back featuring the film “Monuments Men"

Some other things that people would like to participate in include:

    • Student Bowling night

    • How do we do Jewish spiritual education

    • Networking visits with leaders in Jewish organizations in NYC

    • Challah making

    • Laser tag

    • Israeli modern dance

I am looking for people who have an appetite to plan events, and I welcome your ideas, suggestions, and feedback. Contact me by email,  [email protected] or on Facebook