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Student Spotlight - Daniel Graber

Posted by Danny on September 26, 2012 at 9:45 PM

Daniel Graber is a second-year student at Davidson concentrating in Synagogue Leadership. 

Please see below for an abridged transcript of our interview with him, as well as an mp3 of the full interview. You can read Daniel's full interview here.

Where is your practicum this year, who is your mentor, and what is your role?


My practicum is at the international USY office, working with Amy Dorsch (Davidson '08) as my mentor. I am helping to flesh out the program bank online, which is a major resource to member synagogues of United Synagogue all over the continent, to create experiential programs specifically designed for Hebrew school settings, as well as coordinating the Abraham Joshua Heschel Honors Society Kinnus in the spring and A.J. Heschel Day at JTS in the winter.


You have been involved with USY since you were in high school. What do you love about working with USY?


USY is all about people. I love working with these kids because by the time you're at high school age you've got some life experience and can start to analyze the world around you in the context of what you've been taught. Suddenly your education is a practical thing that you can challenge. It's one of the greatest pleasures I have in life to be there with these kids when their lives become one big challenge to, and of, and from, the world around them, and to help them navigate the hard turns, and share from my life experience and from the deep wells of Jewish tradition.


You're concentrating in Synagogue Leadership at Davidson. In what ways do you consider yourself a leader?


I try and embody the lessons that I try to teach to the kids. Also when I have staff I'm supervising - and also with the kids - I try to help them find what their strengths are and how to accentuate them, how to overcome what their strengths aren't, and to facilitate people's growth by seeing what they really need and helping them find it and achieve it. I believe I have a vision of a way that people can understand each other, be towards each other, be towards themselves, understand themselves, and how it can all relate and stem through the lens of Jewish belief and practice.

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