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Posted by Danny on October 23, 2012 at 9:30 PM

Visit the Resources section of the Davidson Blog to find helpful information and services for Jewish educators.

We will be continuing to add links to the resources page. Highlighted this week:

The Lookstein Center for Jewish Education of the School of Education at Bar-Ilan University was established to promote Jewish education in the Diaspora. It focuses on leadership programs, teacher and curriculum development, as well as interactive communication and networking for Jewish educators worldwide.

The Lookjed Digest is an email-based forum for Jewish educators. "The classroom problem that you have, the idea that you are working on, the question that your student asked that has you stumped, can all be shared with other teachers who have, perhaps, grappled with these issue before" (

Below, please read a tantalizing quote from a recent edition. The post's title? "Grading Like God".

The premise of the Teshuva process is remarkable: if one follows the proper steps of Teshuva, he is forgiven for his transgression. Actually, to be more precise, his sin is atoned for, wiped clean, struck from the record.

 ...Why don’t we adopt this same attitude and strategy in our classrooms? If our goal as educators is indeed to educate, to develop the faculties and powers of our students, then why do we not allow our students to master what we are teaching them?

(full text available on Lookjed's threaded archives.)

If you would like to subscribe to Lookjed, go to the on-line form at

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