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Student Spotlight - Lisa Aremband

Posted by Danny on November 19, 2012 at 9:05 PM

Lisa Aremband is a 2nd-year student in the Day School concentration. We were curious what inspires her, what brought her to Davidson, and what she's learning. So, we asked her! Find her responses below.


Why are you passionate about Jewish education?


I have always loved teaching, and I have always loved being Jewish. Being a Jewish educator allows me to combine my two passions and convey my love of Judaism to my students in a better way than I was taught. I am passionate about integrating Jewish content into secular subjects, and vice versa; students should feel and act and think Jewish all the time, not just when they’re in their Parsha or Hebrew class.


Why did you choose the Davidson School?


I chose the Davidson School because of the high standard of study of both Judaic subjects and subjects in education, as well as the school's ability to blend together education and Judaics within the courses. I feel that the courses I take here will prepare me for all the facets of being a Day School teacher- from the social and emotional development of my students to integrating Jewish content into other subjects to leading lessons and conversations about prayer and theology.


What is your practicum this year and what are you learning from it?


For my practicum, I am student teaching at Beit Rabban Day School, which is a progressive community day school for preschool through 5th grade on the Upper West Side. I am teaching in Shorashim, which is the first grade classroom. Beit Rabban focuses on teaching Judaism through its texts, and I am learning a ton about how to implement this philosophy with young children! I am also learning to notice and reflect upon school culture and how that affects the daily life of the students inside and outside the classroom.

P.S. Lisa will be facilitating an ארוחת ערב עברית - a Hebrew Dinner - open to all JTS students and faculty, on December 6. Come enjoy tasty Israeli food while you practice speaking Hebrew. Then stay for Israeli dancing! More information TBA. Check soon for details.

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