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Student Spotlight - Eden Pearlstein

Posted by Danny on December 3, 2012 at 8:50 PM

Eden Pearlstein is a 2nd year Davidson student concentrating in Jewish Experiential Education. 

1. You have been involved in Jewish Education since before you came to Davidson. What specific skills/knowledge/etc did you hope to gain from the Jewish Experiential Education program at Davidson?

I had been doing everything in a super DIY kind of way, and flying by the seat of my pants. I had a modicum of success and good responses but when the opportunity arose to get formal training in education I decided to seize the opportunity to enhance my abilities to effectively communicate and inspire people with the depths and heights of Jewish tradition. Another major attraction was the opportunity to learn Hebrew in a prolonged and structured environment; I want to be able to reference source texts in my teaching, and finally be done with relying on translations. 

2. What has been most valuable to you, so far, from your experience at Davidson?

A lot. It's been incredibly valuable to me to think seriously about education and to learn pedagogic concepts as well as the ins and outs of teaching. I appreciate the opportunity to think about education on a deep level, as opposed to always educating but never reflecting, which is what I was doing before I came to Davidson. And of course the structured study of Jewish philosophy, ideas, sociology, and history with amazing professors and awesome classmates that are totally inspiring and who are sharing their journeys with each other. 

3. Where is your practicum this year and what are you most excited about that you're working on there?

My practicum is with the Department of Education at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in Battery Park, where my mentor is JTS alumnus Paul Radensky, Ph.D., Manager of Education Programs (GS '01, PhD, 2001). I'm most excited about a curriculum I'm working on called the Interfaith Living Museum, which will be taken to two Muslim and two Jewish day schools. The students will take trips together and collaborate on projects, spend time together and learn from and about each other. Ultimately they will set up a gallery exhibit at the museum that will be comprised of cultural and religious artifacts from their own homes. I really believe in the project; I think it is relevant, needed, and exciting. Teachers who have used the curriculum in the past say that it really connects these kids in a profound way and results in lasting friendships.




Eden is also an underground MC active in both the Jewish and Indy cultural scenes. As a solo artist, Eden releases music under the name "Eprhyme" (  - (, and as a collaborative artist Eden works with Romemu's Musical Director Shir Yaakov on a musical midrash project called "Darshan" (

For the most part, Eden's commercial music career is on hiatus as he slugs through the packed schedule of a graduate degree, but according to "Eprhyme", there are still some tricks up his sleeve.

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